Frequently Asked Questions Podosafe


In some people who use thyroid medicines containing iodine or who use red enamels for a long time their nails may yellow. The yellowish is superficial and does not cause any major problems. A block sandpaper used lightly on the nails can solve the problem.

We recommend that you do not do bandages with PodoSafe on your nails. The product should be dripped in the nail cavity and should always be damp for a smooth removal, without the need to force the removal.

The average time is 10 minutes; in hot feet the product acts faster. If staying longer is no problem, just wet it again.

It depends on each case. The professional should analyse it carefully.

Yes, in some types of mycosis the product works very well.

Yes. Wet the crack with oil or petroleum jelly, apply the product and be careful to remove in the direction of the crack. As the skin becomes more elastic, in 3 or 4 sessions it will close completely.

Yes, so don't use pressure when working; as soon as it dries out it returns to normal rigidity. This makes it easier in case of onychocryptosis.

No, the bandages will come off. We recommend plastic film.

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